Hi, my name is Nick Olish. Yes, “Nick Olish” sounds like "Nicholish." Shaun Kastner figured that one out in second grade and I still haven't forgiven him.

I've always loved writing and coming up with ideas. That’s why I took the small chunk of change I inherited from my grandfather and handed it over to Miami Ad School in Minneapolis. 

From there I interned at places such as Carmichael Lynch, Digitas and Mullen. Mullen liked me so much that they put a ring on it. We were together for over three years until the call of the left coast was too much to resist. I cranked away at 72andSunny for a year and a half before making the jump to that 1099 life. That's accountant-speak for freelance. 

After dating 180LA for a while, I decided to put a ring on that, too. For a words guy, I seem to have an affinity for shops named after numbers.

Believe it or not, I have a life outside of advertising. Give me a call and we can talk about it. 


- I love dogs. 
- Some of my best friendships have started from a mutual appreciation for the show “Strangers With Candy.” 
- I started eating Sriracha sauce out of spite.
- I am the youngest of four brothers and I have the battle scars to prove it. So do they. 
- I'm not really into campfires. It probably has something to do with the time I was actually in a campfire. I have the scars to prove that, too.
- Complete strangers ask me about my height every day. I’m 6’9”. 
- While working for a magazine, I once interviewed Dave Coullier, AKA Uncle Joey from “Full House.” It was the highpoint of my career and the low point of his.